Tomatoes, tomatoes

And more tomatoes…

That’s just the start of it!  Everyday I’ve been taking care of one bowl full, then going out to the garden to pick another bowlful. 😯  They are doing so well this year, it must be all that good manure I put on the garden.  Tomatoes are so versatile, though huh?  I’ve canned several quarts and a few pints, made 2 batches of ketchup and now I’ll start making tomato sauce.  I don’t season it to make spaghetti sauce, I prefer to do that when I’m cooking.  I find having plain sauce is something I can use in more recipes.  We’ve been eating tons fresh too!

A few years ago I picked up a tomato press.  Is that what they are called?  You can use it for anything.  It’s great for making apple sauce, especially here where the apples that grow are quite small and tedious to peel and core.

No end in sight yet but I know we’ll be enjoying them all winter long!

What do you like to make with tomatoes?

3 responses

  1. I used to put the tomatos (skin and all) through the blender and then just heated and sealed it in jars. I added the spices when I was cooking. That way I could use it in sauce or on cabbage rolls or in soup. There is enough acid in tomatos that they keep really well.

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