She’s here!

I’m so excited!  I feel like a new mother. 😀

I told you about the calf we were getting back in the spring.  She was sure cute then, and she’s still very cute! (in my opinion)  A little bigger, but still cute! She’s a purebred Dexter which is a dual purpose, miniature breed.  The bottom half of the door is 4 ft. so that gives you an idea of her size. She’s 5 months old and weaned from her mamma.  We worked hard getting this stall ready for her… all the comforts so I hope she’ll be happy, though we weren’t quite sure how big she would be, but it worked out fine.  We opened up a ‘window’ between her stall and Happy’s so they could see each other and get to know one another.   We haven’t introduced them yet, so waiting to see how that goes.  She’s been very quiet, contrary to Happy’s behaviour when we brought her home.  She moo’d for 4 days straight!  The Dexter breed is known for their gentleness so here’s hoping we get her tamed before long.

Hubby named her Buttercup.  😆


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    • Thanks, Wardeh. I’m sure there’s a thousand cows named buttercup. lol but that’s okay with me. Hubby picked it and I love it! We fell in love with her immediately.

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