Makin’ Mozza

I make mozzarella cheese a few times a month from our own milk. I like it because it freezes really well and we use a lot of it on our pizza every Saturday night. Added bonus is the ricotta cheese. I haven’t found a lot of ways to use it yet but it’s so yummy.

As I’ve been told, I’m NOT making traditional mozzarella. Traditional mozzarella is made from the milk of water buffalo, it is never refrigerated, and is always eaten fresh. It’s still pretty good, though. 🙂

Checking the cheese for softness

The first few times I made it, it turned out really good but I think that was luck because after that I was having a hard time. It took some practice but I think I’ve finally figured out how to do it. I follow the general directions from fias co so I won’t repeat the whole procedure here. To get a good stretch out of mozzarella, there are a few things I found out through trial and error.

Getting a good stretch.

One thing is using fresh milk or in the least only one day old. Using milk that is 3 or 4 days old is fine for drinking or making other types of cheese but not for mozzarella.

Another thing is the curd and when it is ready. I can’t go strictly by time but I use it as a gauge.  I had to learn to identify when the curd was ready before I drained it.

Once I figured these things out, my results were a bit more predictable.
And, yes, I use a stainless steel pail as a pot. 😀


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