Have you ever seen a turkey this big?

He’s handsome.  Hard to tell exactly how much he weighs under all those feathers, right?  Especially when he puffs up like toms always do.  There’s a good reason why we didn’t butcher earlier.  I didn’t have freezer space.  The irony of it is the longer I waited, the more freezer space I needed.  Anyway, I got another freezer, shifted things around and went to work butchering.  About 4 weeks beyond what’s recommended.

We used an metal garbage can for blanching.  No pot big enough around here!

Everyone helped with the work.  It looks big but at this point we haven’t weighed it yet.  And there’s nothing to gauge the size by.  Let me see if it fits in the roaster…

Nope!! It weighed 38 lbs.!  I had to use the bathroom scale.

The females weren’t as big, ranging from 21 to 27 lbs.  Still big!  Note to self: butcher early! 😀

I cut it up and froze it separately.  A challenge in itself, as you can imagine, but there was no way it would fit in my oven whole. That’s pretty obvious in the picture, huh?  One boneless breast weighed 7 lbs. 😯

So, tell me, have you ever seen a turkey this big?


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    • Jen, I was just thinking. I’m glad we only had 1 tom, or else I’d be in big trouble! When I ordered them ‘mixed’, I didn’t know how many males and females I was getting.

  1. We used to buy farm turkeys for Christmas. They used to weigh about 30 lbs. For a wedding present I got this huge roaster that I did not figure I would ever use. Boy was I happy I had it. I still use it sometimes although its getting worn out and blacker all the time!!

  2. Hi Marg,

    Your turkey is amazing! We raised 4 turkeys with our chickens several years ago. It was the first time we’d ever raised turkeys. One of the turkeys got so big that he could no longer fit through the coop door, so it stayed inside the coop and towered over the feeder, eating constantly. (We were novices so probably didn’t have the smartest poultry raising tactics). Anyway, he weighed in at 40+ lbs, and to cook it I had to half it! That was an interesting meal or two!

    I am Wardeh’s mom,Martha and notice that you read my grandkids blogs,too! How sweet! I look forward to reading more of your blog. Thanks, Martha

    • Hi Martha! 40lbs is huge! It must have been hard cutting it in half. I had a hard time cutting this one into parts. I couldn’t cut the bones with a kitchen knife. Thanks for stopping by!

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