First duck egg!!!

Pretty huh? First duck egg on our homestead!

One of these things just doesn’t belong here. One of these things are kind of the same… 😀

Thank you ducky! Whichever one you are.
I don’t know what to do with it, though. In the spring, when I have a few, I’ll incubate them.
What would you do with one duck egg?

This post is part of Simple Lives Thursday blog hop, hosted by GNOWFGLINS, Culinary Bliss and A Little Bit of Spain in Iowa.


9 responses

  1. I got another one this morning! I fried one duck egg and one chicken egg for breakfast. I could tell the difference visually, the duck egg had a larger yolk and smaller white, but as far as taste, I couldn’t tell the difference. 🙂 I love the blue/green shell.

  2. I once had chickens and ducks, and wish I could have them again. I also had a chicken that laid green/blue eggs. Also had goats. There is something child like in all of it and I envy you.

    • Maybe it’s my reference to Sesame Street that makes it child-like. LOL First-anything is always fun. 🙂 Thanks for sharing my excitement.

  3. Our duck eggs are much larger than the chook eggs – and they’re white. Such treasures! Not everyone would understand your excitement – but I do! LOL
    We only find a few now & again but I always use them in my baking. They make nice light cakes.

  4. Marg, when I had ducks and chickens I put a chicken egg under a duck that was sitting on her eggs. They hatched at the same time and the baby chicken thought he was a duck to the extent of only hanging with other ducks and trying to get in their pool for a swim. I had to rescue him over and over. It was quite an interesting social science experiment actually. He was fully imprinted as a duck, that crazy chicken.

    • Ha! 😀 I imagine the same thing would happen if the situation was the reverse and a chicken raised a duckling. Unless it was your chicken, of course. 😉

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