My kitchen

I took on a painting project last week.  My kitchen cabinets. Nothing fancy.  Our house was built in the 50s and the cabinets are original custom built-ins.  They don’t make cabinets like this anymore.  Anyway, beige is out.  Not that I follow trends but it’s nice to not look outdated.  Ironically,  I went for the old farmhouse kitchen look. New but old.  I love beadboard so was excited to install it in the backsplash.  The counter top might look cluttered but I like my kitchen user-friendly. The less time I spend in there, the better.



It’s nice to have the kitchen fresh and clean, since I spend 80% of my existence standing right there. 😉  Love the new faucet too. Funny how these little things can make life simpler.


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    • You’re right, there never seems to be enough cabinet space. You can never have too much, it seems. I did get rid of a few things in the process.

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