Should goats eat corn?

I know using corn as animal feed isn’t good for cattle. That is why I don’t feed corn to Happy, our milk cow or the steer we are raising.  But what about goats? They are ruminants too, I know. By nature they are made to digest more than just grass. Goats are considered browsers, like deer and enjoy a variety of plants, leaves and bark included in their diet. But corn?

We offer our goats lots of hay and a supplement from the feed store that is a specific grain mix just for goats. One of the things in the mix is cracked corn. So yes, in small amounts, I offer corn to my goats. Back to my original question. Should goats eat corn?

I had that question answered by the goats themselves one morning as I was going out to feed them…

Daisy waiting to be fed.

Point taken.

This post is part of Simple Lives Thursday blog hop hosted by GNOWFGLINS, Culinary Bliss, and A Little Bit of Spain in Iowa.


5 responses

  1. I think ‘some’ corn is OK for your goats, we always fed some to ours in the winter and had no problems. ruminants are created to eat corn as well as other plant material. Its like anything else, moderation…. 😀

  2. What a great picture!
    We do not give our goats any grain……but when my son died, his friend came up from Texas and took all 26 of our goats back to Texas for a couple of weeks. His family kept all but the milking does. They went to the home of another family where they were fed grain including corn. Our goats loved it all…..they are so deprived here 🙂

  3. Our goats have had a good handful of whole corn (and wheat) every day for the past 9 years. They would eat lots more if we gave it to them! Maybe your goats left it because it’s new to them.

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