Spring has sprung! It’s arrived several weeks early. I’ve been hearing that it’s unusually warm in most areas. Has it been that way where you are? The Canadian geese are back! I haven’t seen a robin yet.

My apologies for not posting in a long time but there really hasn’t been much going on, nothing worth blogging about. I feel this is barely worth blogging about. Walking around the farm this morning, I’m seeing all the things that are going to need doing, now that it’s not hidden under the snow. Still lots of water laying around. I’m happy to put my snow boots away and pull out my duckies (I need new ones).

I let the chickens and ducks outside for the first time since last fall. I would have done it sooner but I couldn’t get the door open. I thought it was frozen. When I finally took the time to look closer, turns out hubby screwed it shut from the outside. Ha! The chickens and ducks are laying nicely. I may put some eggs in the incubator a little later on.

The work can wait. For now I will enjoy the warm sun.

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  1. It has not been looking or feeling like spring here in southern Washington. We had snow the first of the week, again….and its very windy and cold and rainy, in the 30’s.
    But, if we cross over the river into Portland, then yes, spring has arrived. Lots of flowers in bloom. I visited with my parents, (they live in Woodburn) and their yard is full of daffodil blossoms and crocus and other little bulbs. Mom sent a bunch of daffodils home with me, made it feel springish inside my little house.

    • Sherry, the flowers sound lovely. We are several weeks away from them, our weather is usually a lot like yours this time of year, snow and all. I’m so glad the snow is going and will be so happy when the flowers come! It will come for you too! It has to!

  2. Hi Marg, Spring is always a difficult time. We want the spring to get here but it really is not all pretty with the uncovering of the winter stuff and the wind…… and the dust. But it will be beautiful soon!!

  3. Bet those chooks were thrilled to be outdoors and feel the sunlight too!
    Our Autumn has come very early. The seasons are unusual everywhere this year!

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