I’ve been keeping laying hens for the past 20 years.   Since chickens don’t tend to live that long… my flock has changed several times.  Right now I have 35 black sexlink hens  (3 roosters), and 1 partridge rock hen.  They are allowed to free range outside during spring, summer and fall.  In the winter they are closed indoors because of the cold temps and all the snow but are still allowed to scratch and peck and move around as chickens do.

Brown eggs are $2.50 a dozen, by call or by chance.  Please bring empty egg cartons when you come.

Today's eggs

Ever wondered why some yolks are bright yellow? Beta Carotene and Xanthophyll are both natural plant pigments. When hens are able to eat green plant material, the beta carotene concentrates in the yolk making it dark, sometimes even orange. Since hens don’t have regular access to green plant material in the winter, yolks are often paler. Bright yolks are also a sign of a fresh egg. A pale yellow yolk and a watery white mean that the egg has been sitting on the store shelf for several weeks, or months.

Egg size is determined by the hens age and stature. A young small hen typically lays pee-wee or small sized eggs. But as she matures, her eggs are more frequently in the medium to large range. Jumbo sized eggs are usually layed by hens over a year old.

Egg shape is hereditary so hens from the same family will lay similarly shaped eggs. They can range from nearly round to long and thin.

Hen Apron
Homemade Incubator

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  1. Hi there,
    I purchase your organics eggs in the city. I am making my own calcium from the washed eggs shells (sterilized in the oven) but I have read to avoid using the shells of chickens that are fed soy. I was wondering if you would be able to tell me if you feed your chickens soy? Thanks!

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