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Daughter Zoe and Mother Daisy

Daughter Zoe and Mother Daisy

I put up a page about our goats last night, I hope you check it out.  There are more pictures there. We started with 2 goats as 4H projects for the older boys.  We bred them both, lost one 😦 before she kidded. The other goat (Daisy) successfully gave birth to triplets.  I acquired 2 more from 2 neighbours that were looking for homes for their goats. 

My oldest son has always taken the responsibility of feeding them everyday but his life is changing, as it does when you get to be 21 and chores are slowly being passed to me.  I can’t imagine giving them up at this point, they’ve lived here most of their lives (all their life for the triplets) and I really do enjoy them.  They all have their own character.   I find animal chores to be very relaxing, as long as the weather isn’t too nasty.

If I can get some decent pictures of my chickens, I’ll put a page for them soon.