Walk-in cooler

I’ve been away from blogging for some time.  I would have posted sooner but I’ve been trying to decide what to blog about to come back.  I know you all must have been wondering what’s going on?  In two words: A lot!  It makes sense for me to start where I left off.

In the spring, since I last blogged,  hubby and I worked on building a walk-in cooler so we can butcher and hang any time of year.  We butchered the steer we’ve been raising for 2 years and hung it in the cooler.

But the project wasn’t without problems.  The room itself is awesome!  It’s well insulated, and well designed.  The air conditioner we purchased to cool the room was insufficient, it needs to be larger.  Until we remedy the air conditioner, we will use the room at the times of year when cooling is natural.  Such as the fall or early spring when temperatures are cold but not freezing.

After a week of hanging, the beef needed to be cut up and frozen or fear losing it.  Live and learn, huh?  We cut it up into large portions and froze it.  We still need to cut roasts, steaks, ground some etc.  We were able to cut 4 roasts as we went and we’ve really enjoyed them!

Grass-fed beef roast + slow cooked = delicious!!!  Oh my!  I look forward to the rest!


Never a dull moment when you have animals. 😉

turkeysLast week we had coyotes trying to get at my turkeys!  We woke up at 3 am to the sound of their ‘yipping’ just outside our bedroom window.  Luckily hubby chased them off and they haven’t been back since.

We have a mouse (or two) in the house!  They have been difficult to catch, despite our best efforts.  Finally caught one in a trap this morning!  I’m hoping Pixie learns to be a good mouser.

LucyandPixiePixie is very rambunctious!  She goes from one trouble to the next.  Climbing inside the dishwasher, hanging on the window screen, eating the dog food, chewing on cables… it’s like having a toddler in the house again!  I’m thankful when she finally falls asleep.



BuddyThe dogs have been leaving the property.  Lucy took off the other evening and was gone for a few hours.  I know if she is in ear-shot, she comes and she won’t ‘run away’ but still not acceptable.  Before a thunderstorm, Buddy took off.  He’s afraid of thunder. He was found a mile and a half away! Hence the leash.  Too nice outside for them to be in but I don’t need them wandering off again.


nestMy layers have access to a chicken yard.  It is full of thistle and other tall growth.  They’ve taken to laying their eggs in the tall grass.  I didn’t find where they were laying until there was a clutch of about 6 or 8 eggs.  Those ones got thrown out.  It’s interesting trying to find that spot every morning.



chickensThe meat birds are ravenous every feeding.  I guess that is the nature of the breed.  But it makes it hard to fill the troughs when they are all diving in at once.  We’re going through a lot of feed. They are just about ready to butcher.  The black ones are layers. I’ll mix them with the others when they get a little bigger.



The goats have been doing fine.  I put up a temporary fence so they have access to graze.  They don’t wander far from their pen, but the fence keeps them from things they shouldn’t get into. 😉