Picking saskatoons

The saskatoons are late this year and there’s not too many, at least around here.  They seem to be a fussy berry that needs perfect conditions to flourish.

In some states, I believe they are known as “June berries”?  Can anyone confirm that?  They are quite a bit smaller than blueberries but tastes similar and can be substituted in any blueberry recipe. 

They grow wild around our property. I only picked about a pint so far.  It was late and the mosquitoes were starting to get bad.  Anyway, I realized I was standing in poison ivy after I took the picture of the pail.

My kitchen window

kitchen window

Wardeh posted on her blog about her kitchen window that spoke to me and inspired me to post this picture.  As you can see we still have snow but it’s been melting as indictated by the patches of grass showing beneath the pine trees.  Just beyond the pine trees is the gravel road going past the house and on the other side of the road is bush owned by our neighbours.  He has some very good wild Saskatoon berries growing in there which he lets us pick, if only for the asking. 🙂  The bush edging our property has saskatoons as well and lots of chokecherries which I use for making syrup and jelly and sometimes wine.  There are also hazelnuts growing but I’ve yet to harvest any of those as they are very  small.  Here and there we also have wild plum, pincherry and wild rose bushes.

Will you post a picture of your kitchen window on your blog? Let me know if you have, I would like to check it out.