Calves and fences

It seems like the more I have to blog about, the less time I have to blog about it. Last time I posted without a picture because my camera was acting up, well I had to replace my camera 😦 Hopefully this one will be as good as that one.

I have pictures of the fencing and the calves to share with you. I went out to the corral to find the calves but couldn’t find them! I called but nothing, so I walked around. Finally I found them. Can you see them? I barely could.

Here’s a closer look ~

They sure are good at hiding.  Usually I call them and at the least I can hear their bells.  This morning I called, “Where are you?” and they both mooed. 🙂  BTW, calves don’t say ‘moo’.  They say ‘maaa’, in my opinion.  I wonder why that is…. hmmm…

Here’s a pic of the fence finished.  In the foreground is the fence-gate we made so we can move machinery, if needed.

And the halter, and bell on the calves I told you about… here’s the pic of that.

Here’s Junior, showing of this summer’s latest fashion.  Blue is IN with the bell accessories.  You can’t go out without. 😀  Red is IN too, for girls. 😉

Cow pasture!

I’m sorry I don’t have a picture. My camera is acting up. I hope it’s nothing major. I wanted to let you know the cow pasture is finally done!! What a job and a half! Hubby and I think about when we were younger and these types of jobs got done in one day. It took us 3 days in 30+C weather to finish it. (Note to self: don’t fence in August!) We ran 5 strands of barbed wire in a 150′ x 200′ corral for the calves. We put in 2 fence-gates, and 2 walk-through gates. It looks really secure. Why 5 strands? Because I have other animals in mind to fence there. 😉 So it’s a multi purpose corral.

The calves are doing fine! They are grazing really well on the variety growing there. I’m still bottle feeding them, though. They will soon be weaned but for now it’s a good tool to get them to move. 😉 We haltered them and attached bells. They have grown a lot!

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