The birds came!

I’ve got 50 chicks and 10 turkey poults, both mixed. I like to sit and watch them (notice the camp stool?) It’s like watching fire – mesmerizing. I could waste a lot of time just sitting here.

I put the turkey poults in their new home, they were running around happy and curious when suddenly one decided it could fit through the wire gate! EEKS! I jumped up and ran around trying to decide how I could block the holes. Before I could get back, two more discovered the same thing! I stapled on a paper feed bag. I raised turkeys before but I don’t remember them fitting through there! 😆


I can’t believe it’s May already! The first day sure didn’t feel like it as we woke up to snow. But by yesterday afternoon it was almost all gone.

I had an order of birds coming that were suppose to be here April 29th but the suppliers messed up my order so now they are coming this Friday, the 6th. My eggs in the incubator didn’t hatch either. 😦 So I’m going on round 2 with a few less eggs in hopes it will happen this time.

Incubating eggs

So I put 2 dozen eggs in the incubator last Friday. If you want a better look at my homemade incubator go here. I’ve successfully hatched eggs out of it but I find it very tricky to get the temp and humidity stable. Honestly, I don’t have a lot of confidence this time. I’d be surprised if any of them hatch, but I’m hoping. 😀

I ordered day-old chicks and turkey poults that are coming at the end of April so I was trying to time the hatch with their arrival so I can put them all together. That’s why I’m incubating now. If I had a broody hen, I’d rather let nature do it. Once a hen goes broody, I may get her setting too.

I took this picture this morning. The ducks and chickens are so happy to be outside!

Turkeys and chickens


My chicks and turkey poults came today!  I ordered them through my local feed store.  25 black sexlink (layers), 50 cornish giant (meat) and 10 turkeys.  This is my first time raising turkeys so it should be interesting. 🙂  The first thing I notice is how quiet they are compared to the chicks!  If you have any tips for raising turkeys, I’d love to hear them!