More rain

"This is the sign of the covenant" Gen 9:12

I’m glad we made use of the good weather when we had it.  That’s life on the farm, huh? “Make hay while the sun shines” as the saying goes. Sounds like there’s a chance for rain right through the week.

My garden survived the last flooding, and a couple rains since.  I was able to till between the rows just before the last rain came.  The one end was still very muddy but I got it done before the weeds could take hold.  I’m always fighting the crabgrass.  Things are growing okay, though and we put in the supports for the peas, so feeling good about the garden overall, inspite of the rain. 🙂  The grass is growing like crazy. 

We haven’t heard from our neighbours about the cow yet. We’re trying to get in touch with them. The corral isn’t ready anyway. 

So what sort of things do I do when it rains? Bake, clean, organize, declutter, grocery shop. Rest up before the next nice day! I’d love to start a sewing or knitting project. Hmmm….

Productive weekend

We rented a skid steer this weekend to clean up the manure pile behind the barn.  Our oldest son operated it, while hubby drove the tractor and spread the manure.

The other boys helped by gathering up barbwire, cleaning up falling down fence planks and posts.  Nice to have strapping young men to help do the work. 🙂  It was a beautiful day but still very wet from all the rain. Thankfully the mosquitoes aren’t out yet! We ended the day with a BBQ supper.  It felt good when I finally put my head on my pillow.

Trimming hooves

Clipping Cap's hooves

Clipping Cap's hooves

The goats are overdue for a hoof trimming. I’ve been doing it a few hooves at a time this week. 😉  When I have 24 hooves to do, it’s very tiring work!  The trimming itself isn’t tiring, it’s fighting with the goat to hold still. 😆  This picture is me and Cap. She was pretty well behaved except when the rest of the herd got out of the gate, following hubby.  She thought she was missing something and I struggled to get her to stay still.  14 hooves down, 10 to go. Like my hat? 😀

Morning chores

It’s pretty quiet here today with the family all out of the house. Temperatures are mild, winds calm. Chores were leisure.
 Wow! 8 eggs today! Enough for everyone. How would you like your eggs cooked?  I made whole wheat, flax bread on Monday so how does poached on toast sound? The coffee is ready. I’ll see you soon!