That sums up the bone-chilling temperatures we’re having right now.  If you’ve never experienced this kind of cold, let’s see if I can give you an idea.

-26 F at twilight this morning

Normally when you think of cold, you think of snow.  When it’s this cold, it doesn’t snow.  The consolation is the sun shines and it shines brightly!  Sometimes we see sundogs.

Behind a closed window blind.

I bundle up in my parka, toque, and ski mitts to go out and do the animal chores.  The wind bites at my face like hundreds of tiny needles.  Exposed skin can freeze in a matter of minutes.  Beneath my feet the snow has changed from the low sound of crunch to a high pitched squeak with every step.

As my mechanic hubby says, “This is when things break”.  Cars don’t go without the block heater being plugged in for several hours.  So when the power went out last night, we were all up, stoking the wood stove and starting the cars.  To get to work this morning, the engine needs to be kept warm but without electricity to power the block heater, starting the engine is the only way to do that.  It will start as long as it’s done soon after the power goes out and before the block heater has a chance to cool down too much.  Thankfully the power was out for only 1 hour and 40 min.

Frosted steer! Is that frozen drool?

The waterlines in the barn froze while the power was out.  There really wasn’t much we could have done about that.  The animals were all fine, though.  I spent 45 min. this morning with a hairdryer defrosting the waterlines, and hauling water to Happy.  A milk cow drinks a lot of water.  She needs a lot of water.

The temperatures are expected to stay this low for a couple more days.  We usually manage okay when it comes for a day or two but when it continues for more than that, it really starts to take it’s toll on the farm.

Those warm summer days in the garden seem so far away right now… (yes, we get those too)

Have you felt this kind of cold?
How cold does it get where you are?




One of my sons built a quinzy this winter. You don’t need to be a ‘kid’ to play in the snow. 😉 He didn’t make it with the elevated floor so when we had some (unseasonably) melting temperatures, the floor of the quinzy had 4 inches of water! The whole thing also shrunk slightly. Now it is frozen again and this is what the entrance looks like if you get down on your belly, which I did for you to take this picture. 😀

Crazy weather.

Today looks much like yesterday except we also have fog. School was cancelled again and lots of other closures and highways closed. The roads are not good. I don’t think they are going to improve for a long time even if it gets cold again. Hubby went to work this morning and he said it was terrible, lots of cars in the ditch even a sanding truck.


We woke up to freezing rain.  Several highways are closed and travel is not recommended.  Okay, us Manitobans are a hearty bunch, we are used to extreme cold and snow but we are not used to ice.  There are dozens of cars in the ditches around the city including tow trucks and sanding trucks.  Here’s a couple pictures of the road past the house and the highway.  The gravel road is a sheet of ice, I can’t even walk on it.  The highway isn’t much better.
Our electricity went out at 4:10 am and was off for several hours.  It came on around 6:40 am and was on long enough to get the coffee started and flush the toilet. 😉  It stayed off again for a couple hours.  Didn’t I just post about being prepared?  It’s important to keep things up to date, gas for the generator etc.  Just as hubby was firing up the generator, the power came back on.  He was going to go to work but decided against it, which I’m so thankful!  Middle son left for work, couldn’t stop, couldn’t go and managed to turn around (spin around?) and get his car back in the yard.  He’s staying put too.  Traffic is next to nothing.  You can see in the picture of the highway, there’s not a car in sight.  The odd car that goes by, goes at a crawl.
The goats have shelter.  I’m sure they are happy for the break in cold weather.  The chickens are indoors anyway so they don’t know the difference.  Hubby mentioned the deer this morning and how hard this weather will be on them.
It’s +3C and contines to drizzle. They are saying more rain tonight so we’ll see what kind of day we get tomorrow!  Interesting to say the least.