Scenes from Saturday 3

Cloudy, calm, cold

Who's throwing snowballs? (wasn't me)

The sun came out on Daisy the goat

Late afternoon. The sun is getting low

Get out of my pen, jackrabbit!

Scenes from Saturday 2

It’s been just 2 weeks since the last time I showed you some scenes from Saturday.  We had snow then it melted, then we got snow again.  Hard to say what’s in the future!  Up here in Manitoba, Canada, winter is here to stay in November.  Hard to say this year.  By the pictures, I’d say it will stay but there are warm temperatures in the forecast.  So we’ll have to wait and see.  In the meantime enjoy…

Near the house

No garden in sight.

The garden is between the trees and the fence. No sign of it.

Going to need that firewood!

Happy looking over the round bale