Moving the manure pile.

What does it mean when I’m sharing an activity such as the moving of the manure pile? No need to contemplate, I’ll tell you. It means winter is too long!!! exclamation point, exclamation point…

But no fear, for March is here! It may get worse before it gets better (as March is known to do) but hoping it doesn’t. “Hope” the trait of every farmer. Fact is, we’re on the home stretch! Spring is just around the corner. (I need to remind myself.)

The manure pile was spreading. Spr-ead-ing. There’s only so much snow you can push a wheelbarrow through. Then the pile itself becomes a snow trap. You can tell how far the manure pile was reaching by the first picture. It’s near the front tire of the tractor. We don’t have a tractor with a bucket, so we called our neighbour and hired him to do the work for us.

My apologies on the quality.  It was dusk when the pictures were taken. Days are still short and you do things when you can.

Thanks, neighbour! It’s so much appreciated!

In case you’re wondering why he didn’t use the snowblower on the back of his tractor, it’s because there is too much frozen manure.  Snowblowers are only good for blowing snow and nothing else. Anything hard or frozen breaks it.

A small (small!) part of me wants some fresh snow so we can toboggan down the manure pile. It’s huge! We don’t have any hills around here on the prairie, only manmade ones.

Snow, snowy snow

I didn’t think saying it once was enough. 🙂 We’ve been very fortunate this year with the amount of snow we’ve gotten, or lack of.  Yesterday, in fact went up to a pleasantly melting +7C (45F)!  It started snowing last evening and we woke up to quite the blanket.  School was cancelled in our area and my guys couldn’t get to work.  It’s been accumulating all day.  So it’s been a rather quiet, snowy day by the woodstove.  I’ve got homemade buns cooling and a pot of hot chili on the stove.  Time to do the milking, then supper around the table, and a relaxing evening.  Here’s a few pictures from today:

Stuck in a winter rut


Winters are very monotonous. Always have been here on the Canadian prairies where winters are long. Well, here I am again… stuck in a rut. I’m not looking for drama, not even adventure, just something… different. Really, I’m not asking for much. One day is looking a lot like the next. Oh, sure, sometimes the weather changes. That’s a topic for discussion! But it’s short lived (and not very interesting).

Every morning I rise to do the animal chores. Shovel the same manure, feed the same animals. Pour the same milk and clean the same jars. I really am thankful for my life, I wouldn’t change it for anything. But repetitive days can wear on a person until you are ready to do something outrageous! Oh, I’m not quite there yet. Sorry to disappoint you. (Unless staying up late to blog counts?) I’d like to take care of this feeling before I do something silly.

I’m really looking forward to spring, as I do every year. And, undoubtedly it will come, some time in April, hopefully. In the meantime, I need to find something different!!!

Do you ever get stuck in a rut?

Scenes from Saturday 2

It’s been just 2 weeks since the last time I showed you some scenes from Saturday.  We had snow then it melted, then we got snow again.  Hard to say what’s in the future!  Up here in Manitoba, Canada, winter is here to stay in November.  Hard to say this year.  By the pictures, I’d say it will stay but there are warm temperatures in the forecast.  So we’ll have to wait and see.  In the meantime enjoy…

Near the house

No garden in sight.

The garden is between the trees and the fence. No sign of it.

Going to need that firewood!

Happy looking over the round bale

Welcome Spring!

The snow has been slowly melting over the past couple weeks. We have so much, though, that it’s taking time to go. The grass is showing in some places and the snow banks are shrinking.

With the thaw happening, the calf’s shed was getting pretty wet. Hubby dug out the gate for me, which hadn’t been opened in weeks! And he fixed the wheelbarrow tire for me. I love it when it starts to melt but keeping the animals clean gets really hard to do! I managed to clean out the calf shed, I took 4 wheelbarrows out but I couldn’t dump it on the manure pile because I couldn’t get to it. So I dumped it as close as I could. I found out how much I’m out of shape.

The chickens are due for a cleaning out too. They’ve been closed in the barn all winter. But I will wait until it’s warm enough and most of the snow has gone from the chicken yard, so I can let them out. I can’t wait to see how the ducks are going to react to the puddles!

It’s time to start thinking about ordering chicks and garden seeds!


It doesn’t look terrible but once on the highway, it’s total white-out.  A few highways have been closed, school was cancelled, hubby stayed home from work.  He tried to go but only went a few miles and turned around.  It’s reported that there are lots of cars in the ditch.  It’s suppose to let up around supper time tonight.  We’re staying close to the fire today.  I put on a big pot of soup.  This is the first blizzard this winter.  I guess we’ve been fortunate. 🙂

Pretty winter day

We got some fresh snow yesterday and fog in the night.  What a pretty day it is today!  There is hoarfrost everywhere.  The sun is shining and the snow is gleaming like diamonds.  The first picture is the snow around the spot the boys had a campfire yesterday.  I thought it looked neat, created by the heat, I guess.  It looks like broom strokes but it’s not.  The squirrels sure were happy and excited!  These two guys were squeaking up a storm, and jumping all around!

Snow on the farm

What a difference a day makes. That was the shortest Fall I can remember!  We had our first frost September 28th, followed by precisely 11 days of autumn, now we have snow. 😦  I don’t know if this will stay, the temperatures are staying well above freezing for the next 2 weeks but there’s so much snow that I just don’t know if it will all melt. If it doesn’t this is going to be one long winter!

You can see we didn’t get the yard cleaned up.  Things will have to be swept off and put away.  It will still be done, just not as easily.  Who thought we’d get this much snow on the 10th of October?!  All the leaves haven’t even fallen yet.

There IS something magical about the first snow.  It seems to put a hush on the whole world.