Snow, snowy snow

I didn’t think saying it once was enough. 🙂 We’ve been very fortunate this year with the amount of snow we’ve gotten, or lack of.  Yesterday, in fact went up to a pleasantly melting +7C (45F)!  It started snowing last evening and we woke up to quite the blanket.  School was cancelled in our area and my guys couldn’t get to work.  It’s been accumulating all day.  So it’s been a rather quiet, snowy day by the woodstove.  I’ve got homemade buns cooling and a pot of hot chili on the stove.  Time to do the milking, then supper around the table, and a relaxing evening.  Here’s a few pictures from today:


That sums up the bone-chilling temperatures we’re having right now.  If you’ve never experienced this kind of cold, let’s see if I can give you an idea.

-26 F at twilight this morning

Normally when you think of cold, you think of snow.  When it’s this cold, it doesn’t snow.  The consolation is the sun shines and it shines brightly!  Sometimes we see sundogs.

Behind a closed window blind.

I bundle up in my parka, toque, and ski mitts to go out and do the animal chores.  The wind bites at my face like hundreds of tiny needles.  Exposed skin can freeze in a matter of minutes.  Beneath my feet the snow has changed from the low sound of crunch to a high pitched squeak with every step.

As my mechanic hubby says, “This is when things break”.  Cars don’t go without the block heater being plugged in for several hours.  So when the power went out last night, we were all up, stoking the wood stove and starting the cars.  To get to work this morning, the engine needs to be kept warm but without electricity to power the block heater, starting the engine is the only way to do that.  It will start as long as it’s done soon after the power goes out and before the block heater has a chance to cool down too much.  Thankfully the power was out for only 1 hour and 40 min.

Frosted steer! Is that frozen drool?

The waterlines in the barn froze while the power was out.  There really wasn’t much we could have done about that.  The animals were all fine, though.  I spent 45 min. this morning with a hairdryer defrosting the waterlines, and hauling water to Happy.  A milk cow drinks a lot of water.  She needs a lot of water.

The temperatures are expected to stay this low for a couple more days.  We usually manage okay when it comes for a day or two but when it continues for more than that, it really starts to take it’s toll on the farm.

Those warm summer days in the garden seem so far away right now… (yes, we get those too)

Have you felt this kind of cold?
How cold does it get where you are?

More rain

"This is the sign of the covenant" Gen 9:12

I’m glad we made use of the good weather when we had it.  That’s life on the farm, huh? “Make hay while the sun shines” as the saying goes. Sounds like there’s a chance for rain right through the week.

My garden survived the last flooding, and a couple rains since.  I was able to till between the rows just before the last rain came.  The one end was still very muddy but I got it done before the weeds could take hold.  I’m always fighting the crabgrass.  Things are growing okay, though and we put in the supports for the peas, so feeling good about the garden overall, inspite of the rain. 🙂  The grass is growing like crazy. 

We haven’t heard from our neighbours about the cow yet. We’re trying to get in touch with them. The corral isn’t ready anyway. 

So what sort of things do I do when it rains? Bake, clean, organize, declutter, grocery shop. Rest up before the next nice day! I’d love to start a sewing or knitting project. Hmmm….

Too much rain

Flooded garden

Was I welcoming the rain not too long ago? We’ve been getting a LOT of rain the past 2 days. Too much! Yesterday was the worst, there was thunder and lightning, high winds. We tried pumping the water away from the garden but it was difficult to get the water from flowing back. I took this picture this morning. Now the rain has stopped and the sun is peeking through so the water is receding slowly. I have my cabbage, green peppers, jalapenos, zucchini and green beans planted at that end of the garden so I’m HOPING they survive.

There is a lot of water laying around. We don’t have as much as others, though. The forecast for the week is clear weather so let’s hope there’s no more flooding! And it dries up before the mosquitoes find it!

Welcome rain.

It’s been so, so dry this spring.  Very unusual.  We are finally getting some much needed rain.  It’s been coming down for 2 days and is expected to continue for another 2 days.  Everything is just popping green!  The leaves are bursting out, the grass turned green overnight!  The birds sure are singing today. I love it!

It’ puts a hold on outside activities but that’s okay with me. 🙂  There’s enough to do indoors that it’s not a concern.  We need a rest sometimes too. 🙂

High winds

Barn roofing ripped off

We’ve been busy with several projects around the farm. Hubby had 2 weeks off work so we got a good start on a few of them. That’s also the reason I haven’t been blogging much lately. We got some high winds the other night that added another project to our to-do list. All night we listened to the winds howl and rage. When the day dawned we could see that a good section of the roofing on the barn was gone. The tar paper is still on except for a small piece at the top. I hope the rain holds off until the weekend when the boys can fix it. I’m glad that is all the damage that was done. It’s been extremely dry and there have been a lot of grass fires in the area.  It’s still very windy.

March weather

We’ve been having a variety of weather.  Some hoarfrost, that was so pretty!  Then we had 3 or 4 days of fog, that was weird.  Now the fog has lifted and it is absolutely beautiful!  The sun is shining and it’s +10C! It feels like spring today! The snow has been melting fast.  I’m cautiously optomistic about this being spring because March can be very fickle.  I opened up the barn and let the chickens out, first time since last fall.

I wanted to let you know the cats are getting along just fine.  🙂  Now I’m going outside to enjoy the day!  I have some apples shrivelling in the fridge that I will take to the goats.

Crazy weather.

Today looks much like yesterday except we also have fog. School was cancelled again and lots of other closures and highways closed. The roads are not good. I don’t think they are going to improve for a long time even if it gets cold again. Hubby went to work this morning and he said it was terrible, lots of cars in the ditch even a sanding truck.