Hen apron

These are great when a hen’s back is getting bare from over activity from the rooster.  It takes time but her feathers will grow back underneath the apron.  The hen will walk backwards for a while until she gets used to wearing the apron.  I used old denim jeans and added a bit of lace for interest. 🙂
Hen apron

Hen apron

Apron pattern
Apron pattern

Sew two pieces of denim or other durable fabric together.  The elastic ends are tucked between the two pieces of material.

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  1. Thanks Marg!!! I was just about to purchase one of these so that I could make a pattern from it. I have several hens that will benefit greatly from your generosity!!

  2. Thanks! Winter is taking a toll on my girls’ relationships with their men. My normally free-ranging chickens are stuck in the barn all day with nothing to do but….I was hoping to find a pattern so that I can deck them out in Elvis print. I’m very excited!

  3. Thanks very much for making this available! My mother made one to try out on one of our hens whose back is quite bare from too much attention from the roosters. She is wondering if making it from two layers of denim makes it less likely to fold up when a rooster mates with the hen. She made the first one with a single layer of denim, to try it out. It lays nicely on the hen. She’ll try a double layered one tomorrow for another hen. Do you do the extra zigzagging on the material to keep the two layers together? Does it add some stiffness to the double layer, to keep it from folding up when a rooster mates with the hen? I was also wondering about adding some pieces somehow to cover up the wing tips, as those are also bare from the rooster’s attention.

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