Homemade incubator

Homemade incubator

Homemade incubator

The thermostat turns the lightbulbs on and off as needed to maintain the temperature.  The plexiglass top allows for viewing without opening the incubator.

Incubator open

Incubator open

The space under the tray allows for a pan of water for keeping the incubator humid.

Chicks hatching

Chicks hatching


We had a successful hatch!  There’s a digital thermometer inside the incubator that also indicates the temperature as well as the humidity.  It’s important to keep these two things as close to accurate as possible.

Mark an “x” on one side of the egg and an “o” on the other- in pencil only.  This helps when turning them daily.

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    • In the second picture you can see the tray. The eggs sit on the tray and a pan for water goes underneath. I need to put better pictures up.

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