That time of year again.  The crabapples are ready and there’s too many of them!  I always feel like I need to use what God gives me.  But in this case, there is no way I can. You would think these little sour apples wouldn’t be good for anything but they have a wonderful flavour.  After a frost, the sweetness increases and makes them even better.  I plan to make some juice sweetened with a little honey. I made some jelly – they make wonderful jelly with a beautiful colour.  I also made some crabapple liqueur, which is very simple to make. Continue reading

Crabapples galore!


CrabapplesMy crabapple tree usually produces well but not like this!  This is an exceptional year.  The branches are hanging right down to the ground. Poor tree. I’m going to try making crabapple wine, the same recipe I use for chokecherry wine, and applesauce that I will turn into fruit leather. I’ll check my jelly supply and will make some if I need any. The apples are small and tart, the size of cherries, so I’m not going to be peeling and coring.  😯  I’ve let a few people know I have extra if they can use any.  Any other ideas of what I can do with these crabapples?