That time of year again.  The crabapples are ready and there’s too many of them!  I always feel like I need to use what God gives me.  But in this case, there is no way I can. You would think these little sour apples wouldn’t be good for anything but they have a wonderful flavour.  After a frost, the sweetness increases and makes them even better.  I plan to make some juice sweetened with a little honey. I made some jelly – they make wonderful jelly with a beautiful colour.  I also made some crabapple liqueur, which is very simple to make.

Crabapple Liqueur

4 quarts crabapples
4 cups sugar
3 cups vodka

Take a 4 quart mason jar, and fill it with crabapples that have been washed and halved.  Add 4 cups sugar and 3 cups vodka.  Store the jar on its side, turning once every day for 16 days to get the sugar to dissolve.  After 16 days, filter out the fruit bits and bottle.

This recipe can be done on nearly any scale from 1 quart to 4 quarts.  Two bottles of vodka will normally yield about 5 bottles of liqueur.

This makes a nice sipping liqueur. Also good added to carbonated water. Or bottle then add a bow for a gift.  It looks like you did a lot of work without actually doing much at all.  You have a homemade gift that can’t be bought in any store.


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  1. Hi Marg, I used to make this liqueur with cokecherries. It is good with any fruit!! Always have a hard time waiting for it to be finished. Had to test ahead of time!!!!!

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