Welcome Sammy!

Meet Sammy.  The newest addition to our family.  He was my mom’s cat and now he lives here!  He’s actually Uncle to our cat, Pixie.

He arrived yesterday and today is his first full day with us.  HE’S doing fine.  Pixie, however is a little stressed out.  She keeps hissing and growling at him.  Sammy doesn’t react except to hide.  Do cats shed more when they are stressed?  Because, oh boy, have we got cat hair!  It’s never been like this before!

We haven’t introduced the dogs yet.  We’re going to take it slow.  My dogs are used to cats so it’s not a huge concern.  I know things will all work out, it just needs enough time.  🙂


Places a kitten will sleep

The life of a kitten can be very tiring, you just have to nap where you’re at. 😀



I love you Mama!

I’m home from spending a few days at my mom’s.  Her mama cat had 5 kittens on Easter Monday in her back porch.  They are so cute!  They don’t do much but drag themselves on their bellies to their mama or sleep one on top of the other.  You can bearly count them, they look like a heap of fur. 😀  It’s all about ‘mama’ for them right now.  Oh~ the love for Mama!

I love you, mama.

I love you, mama.



If you’re wondering, I am considering adopting one.  Not sure which one at this point. 😀