I don’t like digging carrots

And that’s why I’m doing it in November.  I’m lucky there’s no snow.

Nothing like having an audience.  How do they know I’m digging carrots? (they like carrots)

At least the garden hose isn’t frozen.

I manage to get everyone (me) and the dog (okay, just me) soaking wet.

It’s time consuming, back breaking, dirty, and tedious.

I don’t like digging them but I like eating them!  I guess that’s why I’m doing it.  I’d better get back at it or it won’t get done.  I see carrot salad in my near future!

What’s your favourite way to eat carrots?

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Pecular carrots

I was digging carrots out of my garden and found a bunch of them were really weird looking. Do you know what causes this?

Where the tops go

Oh, the life!

UPDATE: All the manure I put on the garden last fall helped the tomatoes but apparently was also the cause of those funny looking carrots.