Winter preparations

It’s been a very busy week, since we got snow.  Thankfully it all melted and it bought us more time to get ready for when the ‘real’ snow comes and stays for the winter.

~There’s firewood to be split.  We have some but not enough for the winter.  It’s been cold enough for a fire in the woodstove everyday.  We are waiting on a large delivery, 7 cords more.  The logs will be 8 foot lengths so they’ll need to be cut then split.

~We got the snow fence up.  Not really necessary but so great to have.  It helps keep the snow from drifting on the driveway. 

~I cleaned out the chickens and dumped the manure on the garden.  This will be the last time they are cleaned before winter.  They will be shut in for several months once it’s cold enough, the next time they are cleaned as thoroughly will be in the spring.  I add fresh straw throughout the winter.

~I’m still working on cleaning out the goats.  I did some but it’s a big job.  I’ll get it done though!

~Other years I’d also be putting up the storm windows on the house.  We’ve been slowly replacing the windows so this year it is so nice not to be putting up those old storm windows!

Bringing in firewood

Bringing in firewood

Bringing in firewood

I’m not sure which of our sons came up with this idea, but it works really well! The bin slides easily across the snow like a toboggan and it hauls a lot more than a person could carry in their arms in one trip.  When it’s really cold, it tends to crack easily but a little duct tape fixes that. 😉