Heritage and heirloom seed shopping

Preparing my garden last year

We’re getting ready for spring planting already.  Mentally prepared ~ Ha!  We’re still buried in snow.  I’ve been browsing online for heritage, heirloom seeds.  We want to grow non-GMO and to be able to save our vegetable seeds from year to year.

I’ve been browsing Salt Springs Seed Company and Heritage Harvest Seed.  They are Canadian companies.  I like that I can print up the order form and send them a cheque instead of ordering and paying online.  There are so many varieties to choose from!!  It’s taking me a while to read through all the choices. Canada has a lot of different growing zones in so I’m focusing on vegetable varieties that would do well on the prairies. I’m zone 3b.

Where do you get your heritage seeds?  What do you look for when choosing them?  Do you have favourites?

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  1. I have a few sources for seeds that I really like. The first is Seeds of Change – they are certified organic and they are probably 30-50% heritage varieties depending on the item. You can easily pick and choose what you want. I bought from them exclusively last year and found that they all took.

    Down here in the Southwestern US I am also really excited to buy from Native Seeds SEARCH – a company that specializes in regional seeds. Also, I found a company called Victory Seeds that specializes in rare, heirloom, open pollinated seeds and I will be buying all my tomato seeds from them as they have a HUGE variety of heirlooms.

    One of my hopes this year is to really try to buy seeds from varieties native to my local climate. http://realfoodmama.wordpress.com/2010/01/03/new-years-resolutions/

    – RFM

    • Thank you for the info! Do you plant red, pink or yellow tomatoes or a variety? Do the yellow and pink tomatoes can up as nice as the red ones? Or are they mostly for eating fresh?

  2. HI Marg,
    I got here via OFF forums. good reaading here, I esp like your posts on the chicken apron & the diy incubator.

    I’ve been learning seed saving for a few years and have a ways to go, beans are easy though, both green & dried. I really like the salt springs seeds site & would love to order their seeds, but regulations prohibit…dang.
    From reading some of of Dan’s articles on that site I was able to choose a few dried bean varieties & I think it was the SSS site that directed me to Heirloom seeds & Baker Creek here in the US.
    I’m hoping to find some local seed savers/traders.

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