Meeting neighbours

It all started when I was on the way home from an evening out with girlfriends. My friend was driving and decided to take the scenic route home, which means we took the gravel roads 😉 We were only about 5 miles from home but it was a road I don’t normally travel. I was enjoying the scenery when suddenly I spotted a milk cow in a pasture!! GASP! My friend hits the breaks, slows down the car. “What?!” she says. Somewhat embarrassed, I said, “Oh no, it’s okay. I just saw a milk cow.” (I’ve been looking for one for a while and here is one so close to home!) So she backs the car up and we take a better look. I note the house and the section of the road.

The next day I am telling hubby about it and we should stop and talk to the people. He agrees but is reluctant. People are usually stand-offish when you pull into their yards. But how else am I going to find my milk cow? 🙂 We drive by the farm, see the cow again, and her calf. It’s around 11 am on a Saturday. It took some coaxing but hubby pulled into the farm. We were discussing who would do the talking.  Neither of us wanted to and we both wanted the other to do it. 😆 There’s a big German Shepherd looking at us, the house seems quiet. Oh, wait! There, a man is coming out of the house…

Well, we met the nicest people you’d ever want to meet! They were a couple in their 50s with one grown daughter at home. They came here from Germany just 4 years ago and didn’t speak English very well but their daughter, Christina translated for everyone.

I began asking them about their milk cow and said we were looking for one to buy. Which led to them inviting us in. The Mrs. showed me her cream separator! My hubby and the Mr. had lots in common! They talked about work and tools. They made coffee and put food on the table. They were very open about sharing their story. It was so wonderful and enjoyable.

I also learned that the Mrs. shears her alpaca and spins the fibres into yarn, and then she knits with it! Something I’ve always dreamed about doing!! She showed us her beautiful spinning wheel she brought from Germany. I also learned that she milks by hand, not machine and makes butter and cheese.

Before we left, they took us outside and showed us around. She had a beautiful garden! The men went into the garage to talk about welders and tools. It was so cool.

I took home a quart of cream, (which she refused money for). And a wonderful sense that old ways are not lost or forgotten. She offered to show me how to do things. I am so excited to learn!

Back to original reason we stopped there ~ the milk cow. They are checking with his brother to see if he has a cow for sale. They have Brown Swiss, how perfect is that?! I’m hoping and praying I can finally get the milk cow I always wanted. If not, I was so blessed to meet these wonderful people.

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  1. Wow. What a treasure – to find a kindred spirit so nearby! And being newly transplanted to the area, I’m sure your befriending them was a huge blessing to them as well.

  2. Thanks all! 🙂 We exchanged phone numbers but if I don’t hear from them this week, hubby and I are going to go there on Saturday again. Hubby is looking for a machine part for him for something (?), which I didn’t know. 🙂

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